Nov 28, 2005

no parlaiment, please

Canadian Government Falls on No-Confidence
A corruption scandal forced a vote of no-confidence Monday that toppled Prime Minister Paul Martin's minority government, triggering an unusual election campaign during the Christmas holidays. Canada's three opposition party parties, which control a majority of seats in Parliament, voted against Martin's government, claiming his Liberal Party no longer had the moral authority to lead the nation. The loss means an election for all 308 seats in the lower House of Commons was likely to be held Jan. 23. Martin and his Cabinet would continue to govern until then.
I am so glad we don't have a parlaimentary system of government here. What utter chaos. These people and their coalition/minority governments are constantly in a state of near-anarchy. I understand the increased advantage of checks on your government, but simple partisan bickering shouldn't have the power to dissolve the entire government. I am much more in favor of short term elections and term limits than spontaneous dissolution at whim. Very strange, these parlaiment things. Federalism forever!
On the other hand, my general philosophy is still "the less government, the better." So I suppose a government than can abolish itself at any given time, and actually uses that power, is a handy government to have around. I am first in line to cheer any potential government shutdown over budgetary battles in this country. With all the Congressional busy-bodying and nannyism going on lately, I would have no problem if the entire legislative branch of the federal government went home and we got to pick new ones. Though with the present primary and two party system still in place, most new ones would be just as bad as the old ones.
So what's the solution? Any Canadians, Britons, Australians, or now Iraqis have any more positive takes on the parlaimentary system?

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