Nov 11, 2005

...and then what about gay jews?

Question: What do Jews and alternasexuals (my term for anyone not heterosexual) have in common?
Answer: Both are going to hell according to most Christian dogma.

Question: What is the difference between Jews and alternasexuals?
Answer: Only one is routinely protested, boycotted, mocked, and banished by Christians.

This hypocrisy occured to me today. Christians (not all, of course) routinely excoriate homosexuals, bisexuals, etc for their behavior or wanting equal rights or protections under the law, but are they more sinful than people who don't even believe that Jeezus is the Lowerd (hint: say it phonetically)?
Michael Savage was ranting today about how France is burning to the ground because they have been "homosexualized" and can no longer defend themselves. What about all the Jews in France? Do they invite Gawd's wrath too?

Some people...

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Warren said...

I enjoy listening to Michael Savage because he's such a nutcase. His rants and screaming cracks me up!