Nov 14, 2005

gasoline market analysis

I filled up my car today at $2.05 per gallon. The average price in the country is now $2.29 per gallon. The market is an amazing thing. Just six weeks ago, we were paying a record average $3.07 per gallon.
Even more amazing is the rampant hypocrisy of blame on this issue (and many others, obviously). A quick search for "record gas prices, bush" yields 1,550 results, while a search for "gas prices fall, bush" yields only 685 results (and even less for "gas prices drop, bush", at 653). Obviously this is an unscientific study. But why in the world would more than twice as many articles mention President Bush when discussing high gas prices than low ones? It couldn't be that inherent liberal perspectives in news organizations would lead them to associate negative information with a Republican president, now would it? No, of course not. There's no such thing as media bias, remember?
The spectacular thing about this simple search experiment is that Google only archives news items in its searches for a couple weeks, meaning that although gas prices have not been at their record levels for a month and a half, Google still has more articles about the record than it does about the decline. Stunning.

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YaKdUsT said...

Here in Wisconsin its at $2.26, bastards LOWER IT!!! I hate the Rich!