May 10, 2006

bordering on treason

It was reported all over the country yesterday that through Mexican consular requests for information, the US Border Patrol had been divulging the whereabouts of the Minutemen along the US-Mexico border. Talk about a conflict of interest... Well, today the Border Patrol is refuting this charge, but using double-speak in doing so, saying it doesn't provide the Mexican government with Minutemen locations, but that through the Vienna Convention does have to provide information to the Mexican government about interactions with that government's citizens. So basically, they're not sending over a daily briefing on Minutemen patrols, but if the Minutemen notify the Border Patrol of an illegal crossing and the Mexican consulate asks for information about the illegal crosser, they also get to find out that the Minutemen were involved.
This whole situation smells of rotting elephant dung. It's bad enough that we have to have private citizens volunteer to monitor the border because our government isn't up to the task. But to have these patriots sold out to the corrupt government of Mexico on a legal technicality is disgusting.
If Mexico is so concerned about its citizens' safety, maybe they should give them reasons not to risk their lives crossing the desert on foot or selling themselves into slavery to pay a coyote to ferry them across the border in a locked and boiling trailer.


Publius said...

You are giving the Mexican government too much credit, they don’t care if their people come to the U.S., they encourage it. I’m sure if we could make Canada our Welfare state we would do the same too, but then who would vote for the Democrats?
On the immigration debate, our government is selling out our country.

Cynicus Prime said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I completely agree with you. I mean, they provide maps and instructions guides on how to best make it across the border. Nobody's clean on this one.