May 1, 2006

another one bites the...oh wait no, there he goes...

[Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer] told Four Corners that during 2002, the Bush Administration received detailed intelligence about Zarqawi's training camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Mr Scheuer claims that a July 2002 plan to destroy the camp lapsed because "it was more important not to give the Europeans the impression we were gunslingers".
"Mr Bush had Zarqawi in his sights almost every day for a year before the invasion of Iraq and he didn't shoot because they were wining and dining the French in an effort to get them to assist us in the invasion of Iraq," he told Four Corners.
If this is true, it is unforgivable. Most of our hardship in Iraq over the last three years has been because of Zarqawi and his thugs. If we could have taken him out before the war, it would have saved many thousands of lives and probably hundreds of US soldiers after the fall of Baghdad.
I don't ever want to hear a conservative bring up as some kind of damning crime the fact that Bill Clinton letting Osama bin Laden go during his presidency. Now President Bush has one of his own.

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