Feb 21, 2006

when is evidence not evidence?

Yates' lawyer wants photos of kids barred
The request sparks fight with prosecutors ahead of her 2nd trial
The image of 7-year-old Noah Yates floating facedown in the murky brown water that filled a bathtub after he and his four siblings were drowned is something Andrea Yates' defense attorney doesn't want jurors to see during her second capital murder trial.
Yates' attorney, George Parnham, filed 30 pretrial motions, which were made public Monday, including one requesting "any and all photographs" of her children not be shown to jurors during the trial set to begin March 20.
Parnham claims the photographs could cause jurors to be unfairly prejudiced or serve to confuse and mislead them.
Um... Yeah, that's the point. What a dumbass. Heaven forbid the jury actually get to see the aftermath of the crime. There is no surer way for justice to be served than for Andrea Yates to be reconvicted and this time sentenced to a swift and speedy death.


Ms. Pants said...

Swift and speedy? Screw that. Bitch needs to die with her head in a bathtub, just like her kids.

Britt said...

I agree with the above noter. I'm never sure how I feel about the death penalty until cases such as this one arise. And then it seems like there is no other proper punishment except to end her life as well. And it shouldn't be by lethal injection after she killed children over and over and over again in a really long, painful, horrfic manner.