Feb 21, 2006


The entire blogosphere and talk radio spectrum is in a giant kerfluffle over Dubai Ports World purchasing part of Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation, a British company. This means that an Arab company from a remarkably Western nation will be doing some operations in six ports that were previously done by a British company. Yes, the initial reaction of "THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!" or "Arabs running seaports?!?" are perfectly reasonable given the circumstances. But I, along with others don't think this deal is a huge problem. In fact, it's almost completely none of our business. So an Arab company wants to buy a British company that does some work in the United States? So what? The same people are providing security at the ports. The same people are doing the union labor at the ports. It's not like Dubai is going to ship in thousands of Islamists to guard shipping containers. BFD.

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Anonymous said...


you're rifght...everything is ok now because bsuh said people don't need to worry about security..thank God for Bush.

Bush is a gift from the Lord. I mean how could anyone eve think he is wrong about anything? EVen if he didn't know of this deal until it was approved, he didn't really need to know about it at all because he already has the wisdom to know his administration is good, honest, christian and for us little God fearing church people.