Sep 12, 2005

talk take-back

Today in the last few minutes of Rush Limbaugh, my local talk radio station, KPRC, had short spots saying for instance, "less than 10 minutes to the Savage Nation". I did a double-take the first time I heard this, because for the last 6 months or so, Hannity has been immediately after Rush. Why would they move both Savage and Hannity out of their live slots and put Savage first? But who cares, because I wouldn't have to listen to Hannity anymore!!
I hhhhhhhate Sean Hannity's show. It is the most boring rote political drivel I've ever heard. Three hours of talking points. No thanks. But another local host I listen to on KTRH doesn't come on until an hour later. So rather than work in silence, I keep Hannity on for an hour and just try not to listen.
But having this new programming lineup, I was excited. For an hour I could listen to Savage, who is at least entertaining when he is yelling at his audience, instead of Hannity, who makes me want to register as a Democrat just to spite his immature partisan hackery.
So 2:07 rolls around, and what do I hear, but the same obnoxious intro music that precedes every Sean Hannity show. MOTHER OF MAYNARD!! I guess someone played the wrong station promo TWICE... grrrrrr.

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