Sep 9, 2005

some questions

If the federal government provides $52 billion in disaster relief for hurricane survivors plus countless millions donated privately, why do we have an insurance industry? Why have the choice to pay premiums for flood insurance if everyone gets a handout anyway?

Why is it considered wrong to profit from a disaster? Unless no one charges to rebuild your house, someone is going to profit. Unless news services run no advertisements during disaster coverage, someone is going to profit. Of course exploiting survivors of disasters is wrong, but why is profiting from them?

Why does President Bush get charged with racism if the federal response to the hurricane was slow, but Governor Blanco doesn't if the state response was slow, and Mayor Nagin doesn't if the city response was slow?


Anonymous said...

fuck your rhetoric, boy. you don't want to discuss anything.

what an asshole

Cynicus Prime said...

lol. That's right. Don't bother actually thinking and trying to answer the questions. Just curse and run away.