Aug 16, 2005

will it be messy if I pull out too soon?

I have a scenario that I would like you to ponder.

If President Bush took the "advice" of the feverish Left and pulled our troops out of Iraq immediately, would they then applaud him for doing the right thing and finally give him some long overdue praise?
Ok, ok. You can stop laughing now. I know.
Or more realistically, would they jump right to the finger pointing, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, saying that he failed, made a mistake, surrendered, just like we did in Vietnam? In fact, if the Left is so vehement that Iraq is the new Vietnam, then why in Maynard's name would they not want us to finish the fucking job and achieve decisive victory, as opposed to repeating the mistake of the original and not fighting to win or doing so?

You know why none of this makes any sense? Because nothing the Left has said for the last 6 years has either.


Thomas said...

Why does the right keep making a big deal about the left? I thought the left was something left over from the last century that was totally irrelevant now. And if this is so, why is Rush Limbaugh living in the last century?

Cynicus Prime said...

I don't know. You'd have to ask someone on the "right". I'm notm.
The Left is not totally irrelevant. They're still a sizable minority that should be held in check at every turn. Limbaugh isn't living in the past. He recognizes the Left's full speed ahead implosion and laughs about it everyday.