Aug 26, 2005

armed invasion, anyone?

Border Patrol chopper forced down
Rock-throwing illegal immigrants near Yuma, Arizona, forced a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter pilot to make an emergency landing this week, the customs agency said.
No one was hurt in the incident, which happened Tuesday while the pilot was helping agents on the ground apprehend 17 people attempting to illegally enter the U.S., spokesman Michael Gramley said. They were on the north side of the All-American Canal, a large irrigation canal that runs from California along the U.S.-Mexico border.
While the helicopter was hovering, a group of 10 people on the south side of the canal began throwing baseball-size rocks at it, Gramley said.
One rock hit a rotor, Gramley said. The pilot felt a bad vibration and made an emergency landing about a mile away.

But you're right. They're just coming here looking for work. Who are we to deny people a better chance in life? And the Zetas are just "freedom fighters"... mmmhmm.


Howard said...

Vincente Fox wants to empty Mexico of all the poor and uneducated folks. He has no vision of how to make jobs for them there..Instead he wants the US to open our borders and take them in so Mexico won't have to feed them..Did you know that the Mexican government brings bus loads of peasents to the border nearly every day and helps them get across our southern border..They are not all mexican either..Many are from enemy countries to the US..It must be stopped but corporate America keeps squeezing congress to allow all the cheap labor to come here..they say to take the jobs that americans won't do..I'd like to see them try to live on two dollars an hour or less in this country..what a grand slam against the americans who cannot possibly work and live on those jobs..Maybe they could if they got free medical care, free education, free subsidies for housing and wasn't saddled with with enough taxes and fees to break a camels back..Check My Blogs!!!

Cynicus Prime said...

Can't argue with a single thing you said, Howard. Thanks for the comment.

sandy said...

Maybe we should look upon this act of rock throwing as an attack by a foreign country and send in the troops!

BTW, what do the symbols on the serpent mean? They do look like chinese writing.

Cynicus Prime said...

Although this and other acts of violence against US border patrol are common, they are not conducted or endorsed by the Mexican government. And though Fox and his country seem to endorse illegal immigration over our borders, this in itself is not an act of war as I see it. However, we should treat those engaging in hostile activity as enemies and immediately act in kind.
And I don't think those are symbols on the serpent. They're just coloration patterns. Mine is slightly altered from the original design. You can find the original here.