Dec 27, 2005

pick a side, any side

Munich mastermind spurns Spielberg's peace appeal
The Palestinian mastermind of the Munich Olympics attack in which 11 Israeli athletes died said on Tuesday he had no regrets and that Steven Spielberg's new film about the incident would not deliver reconciliation.
The Hollywood director has called "Munich," which dramatizes the 1972 raid and Israel's reprisals against members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), his "prayer for peace." ...
"If he really wanted to make it a prayer for peace he should have listened to both sides of the story and reflected reality, rather than serving the Zionist side alone," Daoud told Reuters by telephone from the Syrian capital, Damascus.
So Spielberg makes a movie that engages in rampant moral equivalency in an attempt to move the dream of peace in TLCKAI (The Land Currently Known As Israel) forward. Someone asks a prominent Palestinian terrorist what he thinks about this. The terrorist calls Spielberg a Zionist and says he should have portrayed both sides.
Is anyone still wondering why this conflict hasn't been solved yet? I'm just throwing out ideas here, but maybe it's because one side won't be happy until the other side is wiped off the face of the planet. Could be...

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